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Cricket Theatre's Junior Board

Our Mission

To assist and promote the mission of Cricket Theatre Company; community building, accessible arts education, and thoughtful, high-quality productions.  The Junior Board supports Cricket Theatre and its board of directors through events that raise funds and increase public awareness for their productions, education programs, and more.

Is Cricket's Junior Board right for me?

You don't have to be directly involved in Cricket Theatre Company to join! Our Junior Board is made up of young professionals and community leaders looking to network with like minded people, attend unique social events, and support accessible arts education initiatives.

What does being on the Junior Board entail?

  • Attending a quarterly meeting with the board

  • Volunteering a minimum of 10 hours with Cricket Theatre

  • Supporting Cricket Theatre's fundraising efforts through ticket and ad sales promotions

Why should I join?

  • Networking Opportunities- Get to know other young professionals, local businesses, and our patrons.

  • Volunteer- Meet your philanthropic goals and boost your resume by showing your commitment to a community based charity.

  • Fun- Get to know our patrons and the communities we serve at a host of fun events, planned both by you and our Board of Directors. 

  • Support the Arts- Get discounted tickets to all of our shows, first choice of seats, and support arts education outreach in tangible way!

How do I join the Junior Board?

Email us at for more information!

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