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Our parents are the backbone of our company and it is because of them that our program works. We have required volunteer hours for parents (or Senior Company actors.) Because of these volunteers we are able to keep the participation fee and ticket cost low while still putting on a quality production. 


Parents will receive information about rehearsals and other production aspects via emails and the updates page. We change the password for the updates page every show season and will release that password only to the parents. We will share documents, youtube videos, and rehearsal schedules on this page.




Show Participation Fee:

$ 250 First Child in Family
+ $ 225 Additional Child(ren) in Family

Financial Assistance:

We have a limited number of full and partial scholarships available to families who need financial assistance. We can also offer a payment schedule to families that qualify.


To receive more information or to provide assistance to families in need, please email:

Ticket Prices:


Ticket prices have ranged in between $7-$15. We will determine more exact costs as the summer goes on.

Additional Costs:


We have a $25 returned check fee for any bounced checks. 

Actors may be required to buy dance shoes for the production as well as other miscellaneous costume items (leotard, tights, undershirt, etc.) Many actors already own these items and these items can be used for years after this production. We consider a lot of these items to be investments to a future in the performing arts.


Actors will be required to provide their own make-up for the show. We will provide a list as it gets closer to show time and can provide sources for low-cost make-up. Many of these items are already owned by families and can be used for 2-3 future productions. It is necessary to wear make-up on stage and having a stage make-up bag ready and at home is a good step for budding actors.


There will be optional additional costs (extra show shirts, DVDs of the production, tickets, cast party, etc.) These are not required for all actors. 


If the parents of an actor cannot participate in the mandatory volunteer hours for the show they can opt to pay a donation fee instead.


We are a non-profit company and these fees are used to help pay for the cost of rights, renting out venues, costumes, sets, and other additional costs for the show.

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